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Child Support Attorney

An Experienced Child Support Attorney Who Specializes in Family Law

At Meason Law Office, we are a full services law firm dedicated to client satisfaction. One of our specialties is family law, and we can handle cases related to divorce, adoption, legal guardianship, legitimacy, paternity, child support, and custody. If you are in search of an experienced child support attorney or a law firm who can litigate child custody visitation, come see us at Meason Law Firm.

We are led by the great Marty Meason, a passionate and empathetic attorney with a JD from TU Law. We’ve been open since 2002 and for almost 20 years we’ve helped clients in Oklahoma find justice and receive the legal support they need. We provide a professional experience for all of our clients to help them understand their legal rights, and we will stop at nothing to help you protect your family.

Family law can be especially tough to sort out. There are so many emotions involved, especially with children. As a parent, you have certain legal rights and your child deserves to be taken care of to the fullest extent possible. Child custody visitation cases can often be challenging; however, they are necessary to ensure that both parents receive the visitation rights they deserve, and the child or children don’t feel neglected. Life happens and sometimes two people shouldn’t be together anymore. However, some family structures must be still maintained, so that the disruption doesn’t become traumatic for the kids.

At Meason Law Office we can help you navigate all these messy situations and decide on a course of action that is best for all parties involved. Likewise, Marty is a seasoned child support attorney, and he can help you and your former partner come to a financial agreement that works for everyone — especially the kids. Visit our website today to book a consultation or call or email us directly to set up an appointment.

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